What is a brand?

Very often we are asked – what is a good brand? Is it your logo? It goes a bit deeper than that as a brand identity is your overall ‘look’. It is the way you communicate your people, your business, your service and / or your product (s) to the outside world. It should reflect on how you want others to perceive you and when it comes to building a good quality brand that’s fit for purpose – you should always rely on industry experts such as Sowerby.

Here at Sowerby, we’ve been creating and developing brands for years. It’s what we do best. There’s no single element to a brand – it’s about the whole package. Company name. Logo design. Corporate colours and fonts. Copywriting ( in your own tone of voice ). Photography. Corporate stationery. Guidelines. Straplines and more. And from there, it’s your marketing material, your aims, your goals, your key messages etc.

One thing we always tell our clients to remember is that a brand can take years to build but seconds to damage.

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