At Sowerby, we are often asked if we can assist clients operating in the charity, public and private sector to find their ideal candidates. Many candidates are already active job-seekers, but what about the ones who are passive and who may not see a vacancy that’s been advertised on a job-board or website? So, with our extensive recruitment and talent acquisition skills, we have set up the Sowerby Search & Find Service. It’s a simple process. The client provides a brief and we go out to market and perform a search. You could be forgiven for thinking that the service is similar to that performed by a Headhunter or Recruitment Consultancy. To a certain extent it is, and having been in operation for over 29 years, it is easy to say that we have ‘cut our teeth’ on recruitment, but here at Sowerby, it’s all about understanding the Hiring Manager’s requirements, the culture of the organisation, the team that the candidate will be joining and this is where the dynamic matching process comes into play.

Our charities come in many forms – faith-based, non-faith, international development, human rights, children, hospices, national and membership institutions. Our public sector clients too play a key part in community, local council and government-type organisations. And in the private sector, we have experience in a whole gamut of industries including engineering, building, construction, security, leisure, finance, and much more. So at Sowerby, there is a Search & Find Service for every type of client. Could you be one of them? If you are having problems recruiting or do not have the budget to enlist the help of a Recruitment Agency or Headhunter, speak to the recruitment team at Sowerby. We have had so many great successes in finding ’round peg, round hole’ candidates, so this is a missed opportunity if you don’t get in touch and see how we can help. Remember, for organisations, primarily operating in the charity or public sector we are on hand to reduce your recruitment costs, not exceed them.

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