An interview with Nicola on her 18th Anniversary

So, on the 6th December 2017, I celebrated my 18th anniversary with team Sowerby. When people ask me how long I’ve been with the company, you often see the shock on their faces when I say 18 years – after all, how many employees stay with a company for that long these days?

Why have you stayed with Sowerby for so long?

I love the fact that I honestly do not feel like I work for just one company. In my role here at Sowerby, I am very lucky to have the pleasure of working with many clients, across all industry sectors in the UK and internationally. I feel as much part of their team as I do my own and this really is a big USP for me. You could therefore say I like my clients…

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The variety. You really do not know what each day or month will bring. One day you could be mainly media buying and planning, the next you could be working on a totally new brand and all the marketing material that goes with it. It’s really great when you get to work on exciting projects where you can push the boundaries in terms of marketing and creativity.

What has been your most memorable social agency experience?

On a social front it has to be when RBI (Reed Business) took the Sowerby team to the Ice Bar in London. You could say after sampling the entire cocktail menu, it got pretty messy. Not one of us made the train home, we will just leave it there.

What’s been your most memorable project?

There have been quite a few. Taxi wraps for a search and selection company based in London, branding a real life sized concrete cow this year, risky ad campaigns for Solution Recruitment, project managing the naming and branding of two care organisations – CuroCare and Accedo Care and much more.

What is the most frustrating part of your role?

When you spend hours or even days on proposals, speculative work, negotiating ad campaigns and you don’t hear back from the client / prospective client. We go into so much detail in order to provide our clients with the right and relevant information. When you chase for an update or you don’t hear anything back it can be quite deflating. I really do believe honesty is the best policy so just a courtesy response is much appreciated by us agency people.

What’s in store for 2018?

We have a great team and believe that we are big enough to cope but also small enough to care. In 2018 we want to attract more new business, work with more clients and provide a whole variety of our extensive services from branding through to website design & development, SEO, advertising campaigns, design and print and more. In addition, it would be great to recruit and possibly take on a new apprentice.