New CEO, new Trustees, new branding…and a shiny new website

Celebrating a bright new future for North London based mental health / sexual health charity – Brandon Centre – ‘Here for Young People’

New website:

Dear Sue, Ricky, Pav and your team members

I am sending you this email to say a massive thank you for the amazing Sowerby Group leadership work in regards to this very important project.

The website is looking absolutely wonderful – modern, clear, welcoming, informative, caring, energising and more…. The love and attention that has gone into supporting us to shape this new and leading website is such a magnificent achievement. I have learnt so many things over the whole process from – what is required in developing a website – to what was key for us at Brandon Centre – including new branding and how best to describe our services – to unpicking the rather entangled domain names / links / passwords – and ensuring everyone was on board with our journey.

The website is our golden thread throughout Brandon Centre linking past history with up to date and accessible information about our services and is now our key platform for Brandon Centre to continue to grow. We raised over £3,000 last weekend for the 2.6 Challenge and we could not have done that without the new branding, donate links and website.

I thank you all for your incredible professionalism, energy, patience, stamina and most importantly the passion for supporting us to get this right.

My relationship started with The Sowerby Group with me enquiring about the Brandon Centre CEO role – just an enquiry as I was not really looking for a new role at that time – If it had not been for Sue and her incredible engaging and professional manner I would not have applied.

Once I had decided to apply and was offered the role, Sue and I met for the first time last summer. At this meeting we discussed the next steps of recruiting new trustees and I just happened to drop into the conversation that I needed to urgently refresh our website. Sue mentioned to me that The Sowerby Group could help with this too!

Well, it has been quite an amazing 11 months at Brandon Centre – new role, new Board and governance framework, new website, new electronic patient records, new IT cloud based server and I am now going to be leading an organisational restructure at the senior management team aligned with our new website framework. When I started it was like a little sailing boat going round in circles one way and then the other (you may have experienced some of this yourselves whilst working with us!) – well now it feels like we are surfing the wave.

This is just the start of an incredible partnership together. Despite all the world Covid-19 awful challenges the developments we have created together are to be celebrated. The key foundations are now in place for Brandon Centre to go on the next stage of our journey – and we will be celebrating our 50th celebrations over the coming months together.

I am looking forward to continuing our very, very special relationship.

Thank you so much to you all

Best wishes

Julia Brown

Brandon Centre – ‘Here for Young People’