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Crystal Chandelier Services

Crystal Chandelier Services specialises in the restoration and cleaning of chandeliers – all types, all sizes, and for a whole range of clients in beautiful homes and properties, plush offices, exquisite hotels, famous restaurants, and traditional modern theatres.



logo that shines

The logo features a clean and modern design that exudes sophistication and professionalism. It primarily consists of two key elements: a chandelier and subtle decorative elements.

At the centre of the logo is a stylised chandelier, rendered in sleek lines and graceful curves. The chandelier embodies the intricate beauty and craftsmanship associated with crystal chandelier. It is delicately crafted, showcasing the ornate details of the crystal drops and metal framework, capturing the essence of the company’s expertise in restoration and cleaning.

The typography for the company name, Crystal Chandelier Service, is chosen with care, employing a clean and modern typeface that is easy to read. It incorporates a subtle twist, such as elongated serifs and the graceful lines of the chandelier.

Overall, the newly designed logo for Crystal Chandelier Service evokes a feeling of ‘shining’. It communicates the business’s expertise in restoration and cleaning while promoting a sense of luxury, sophistication and transformative brilliance.


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