brand identity

Good 2 Go

Good2Go provides young people with the opportunity to positively confront the challenges of adult life to grow and develop with maturity and confidence to independence in a safe and nurturing environment.



visual identity goal

At the heart of our logo redesign project is the goal of visually capturing the essence of a safe and nurturing home, where young people can thrive, grow, and develop with maturity and confidence. Our aim is to create a visual identity that conveys a sense of warmth, security, and belonging.

Through thoughtful design choices, we strived to evoke emotions of comfort and trust, emphasising the importance of finding a place to call home. The logo will serve as a symbol of support and guidance for young individuals on their journey toward independence, representing the caring environment that this company provides.


  • logo redesign
  • logo system
  • typography & colour
  • brand identity
  • print design
  • website design



the power of a strong mark

A visually strong and simple logo mark is of paramount importance in a brand’s visual system. It serves as the cornerstone of brand recognition and communicates the essence of a company or organisation in a concise and memorable way. However, the significance of a logo mark extends beyond its standalone presence.

The logo mark, with its simplicity and distinctiveness, provides a solid foundation upon which these visual extensions can be built. It acts as a unifying element, ensuring that the brand’s identity remains consistent across various applications and touchpoints. This consistency fosters brand recognition and strengthens the brand’s visual presence.


communication is key

By leveraging the power of a visually strong and simple logo mark as a container, a brand can create a cohesive and dynamic visual system. This system not only amplifies brand recognition but also enables a wide range of creative possibilities. It empowers the brand to communicate its message effectively, engage its audience, and leave a lasting impression.