Super excited to be working with the HR Team at KIDS – a national charity where we will be offering specialist services in recruitment. The charity was founded in 1970 and provides a wide range of services to disabled children, young people and their families in England. Last year over 11,800 disabled children from birth to 25 years benefitted from their work.

KIDS’ services include: drop-in crèches and nurseries for the under 5s to youth clubs, short breaks and residential stays for young adults.

Find out more about this lovely charity by visiting their website:

“Retrain” he said, “Find new jobs”, he said

Well in the words of UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak, that’s exactly what I did. Running my own business for 28 years does not mean I don’t listen and take on board sound advice. Of course I do! So, to Mr Sunak, I took your advice.

Firstly to all of my clients, my business contacts and my friends and family, I am certainly not giving up The Sowerby Group business where, with my amazing, talented teams, we have created something special in the recruitment, digital marketing and creative communications sector. This is a business that has been built on referral, recommendation, trust, longevity and in many cases, where clients have become friends. And I am so proud of everything we have achieved together.

But there have been times when I’ve thought about the skills I possess and how they can be channelled into something different and more ‘spiritual’. A place where I can still add true value to those who will benefit most.

Many will already know for a number of reasons.  I am a biographer, a storyteller, a careers counsellor. I have a strong voice on issues where I have a true passion. I am an avid supporter of our hospice’s bereavement café and I am Community Champion for our local council. I am someone who listens. I love to hear other people’s stories. I have a very enquiring mind. And I ask lots of questions – often crossing the boundaries of the ‘whys and wherefores” !

Putting all those skills into a big melting pot, I started my journey to train as a Funeral Celebrant. It wasn’t just a lightbulb moment either. You see, I have been to many funerals and have listened intently to the Celebrant – some very good ones too! And in the back of my mind I would think “I would like to do that”. I even spoke at my father’s funeral many years ago – and I have never, ever got over the emotional rollercoaster of losing my father, my friend and someone who was a strong confidante and who was taken far too soon. My grief is still raw 20 years on.

So I commenced the journey of an Independent Funeral Celebrant. I researched lots of celebrant courses and before I pressed the button to sign up to one in particular, quite coincidentally I was contacted by the owner of a new Independent Family Funeral Directors in the very place where I live in Essex. This had to be more than coincidence that the owner should ask me to write an article about their new business for our village magazine. And of course I accepted, whilst also asking if they were looking for a Funeral Celebrant. Very kindly, they put me in touch with one of their own Celebrants who has been in the ‘business’ for over 20 years. He is now my Mentor, my Trainer and someone who I have shadowed at funerals, meeting bereaved families and where I have role-played many times to ensure that I am the best that I can be. As part of the Funeral Directors’ team I am ready to go it alone, to work with bereaved families and friends to deliver the best and most memorable service to celebrate the life of their loved ones.

Do you ever believe that things happen for a reason? I know I do and this was more than evident on that afternoon when I took the call from Steve and Harry Drew, owners of Drew and Son Funeral Directors. I firmly believe that I am being ‘called’ to follow a particular path. A path where I can continue to help people, to listen, to write tributes and to deliver a Celebration of Life. It’s a path that I have chosen to follow, and it’s also a path that, I believe, has been chosen for me.

Sue Sowerby, Independent Funeral Celebrant – ‘To Honour a Life’

We didn’t see that coming! Or did we….?

So back in mid-March we got used to hearing “unprecedented times”, “weird times” “uncertain times”. But when you’re running your own business how do you plan for the unknown? After all, six months ago, whoever heard of Coronavirus or Covid-19, I certainly hadn’t and neither had the Sowerby team. Were we supposed to know? How could we have planned for it?

A new way of working…..

We had our year-end in February 2020, just before this Covid-19 pandemic became evident worldwide. Our year-end results were OK. Granted, we made some well-needed adjustments to our business model throughout the year and this contributed to our overall results. Actually, I had offered our team new ways of working months before that. I wanted the whole team to be more flexible to aid their own work/life balance and I gave them my blessing that homeworking is really OK. No longer is there a stigma attached to working from home. That idea went out the window years ago! In fact in 1992 when I set up The Sowerby Group, I didn’t dare tell any of my clients, media or suppliers that I was working from home – I had my reasons which will follow later. Nowadays it’s all about good time management, mental health and wellbeing, flexibility, trust – and people and businesses are openly embracing it.

Agency life…..

The last person to embrace this working from home thing was in fact me! When I started the business 28 years ago, I was 6 weeks pregnant, I was in a relationship with a client who subsequently became my husband and I ended up working from home for 4 years until the business outgrew the 2 up, 2 down cottage where we lived in leafy Epping. To be honest, in my early 7-year career at Unilever’s Head Office in Blackfriars no one ever worked from home. Granted, the technology in the early ‘80s was nowhere near what it is today, even though Unilever – a multinational organisation was at the forefront of many IT initiatives. In 1988 I joined the world of advertising. I worked for a Top 5 London Ad Agency and that experience set me up for life – deep down I have always been an agency girl, working in the office – never 9-5pm, more like 9-8pm. We would carry on working on an agency pitch late into the night until the work was done.

More recently, working on Harlow Business Park, invariably at that time of night, someone had already closed the security gates so I would be fiddling with my keys, trying to unlock the padlock and using the headlights on my car as my main source of light. But I would have finished my work for the day – and that meant I could sleep at night knowing that I had put the best effort into a proposal, a tender, a website brief or a design project.

Six months on……

And now we are in June 2020. Still in lockdown though the government tells us we are slowly coming out of it – the number of deaths is on a downward curve. We are still cautious though. We are all working from home – in the UK and in Poland. The teams are happy, they have work – and I need to be the driving force to keep that work coming in and the team motivated. So although many of our clients and media reps have been furloughed, we remain active on social media, still talking to clients that are working, still engaging with some media – those poor media whose bottom has fallen out of their market – particularly in recruitment. Some of our clients have a recruitment freeze. Goodness knows when they will be lifted but we plough on from the safety of our home offices, maybe having too many coffees, too many snacks at our desks because we can now reach into our kitchen cupboards and shamelessly take a packet of crisps, a Mars bar or in my case a whole pack of cashew nuts. Looking at the bottom of the packet….did I really eat all of those? Well I can because I’m a plant-based vegetarian and cashew nuts are a good source of protein. So that makes it OK, right?

It’s lovely to engage with the team over Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This new way of working is actually quite empowering and when we have our quiet days, we go out walking, respecting social distancing, being sensible about meeting up with friends and family and generally being mindful of those in a vulnerable situation.

So what now? Well we continue with projects – websites, digital and design work, even some recruitment/search assignments, case studies to write, but that’s not enough. I wanted to do more outside of work. I needed to fill my life with other ‘stuff’, so I become an NHS Volunteer.

NHS Logo

My ‘other’ job…..

I read on social media that our local hospital – Princess Alexandra NHS Hospital Trust had a Covid-19 Support Group and the Group was looking for volunteers, predominately in the Harlow area where the hospital is based.

Well I sort of fitted the criteria as the Sowerby offices are based in Harlow, but I live in Theydon Bois, just outside Epping in Essex. So how could I help? I looked down the list of volunteers. So many were based in Harlow. A few in Epping. A couple in Loughton, but none from my village of Theydon Bois. So thinking I will have some extra time on my hands during this Covid-19 thing, I applied to be the Authorised Volunteer for Theydon Bois. And what a journey it has been.

My task was to bring in as many donations as possible that would subsequently be distributed to those who needed them most. Often working around the clock, the Covid-19 team comprising of doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers at the hospital were desperate for basic toiletries such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrushes, as well as some welcome treats like snacks, biscuits, drinks and chocolate…lots of chocolate! The teams were also asking for scrubs, other items of PPE and very soon my NHS donations box was overflowing with all sorts of items, along with bedding and fabrics that could be made into scrubs, scrub caps, laundry bags, headbands and face masks. My little volunteer project had turned into a pretty full-time job as I engaged with Regional Coordinators who had to get the products into the hospital. I even roped in my husband to deliver fabric to the amazing sewing teams who worked their magic by turning unwanted bedding into creative and very colourful scrubs for our NHS keyworkers.

The donations project became so successful that the Harlow hospital (initially, with one of the highest cases of Coronavirus in the UK) one day advised that they were overwhelmed with supplies and so we promptly stopped donating.

But what was I to do with all the items I had collected over the past weeks? I did some local research and realised that St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping were in need of PPE and toiletries – not only for their District Nurses but for patients who had no visitors due to the Coronavirus, along with other patients in the community. So armed with boxes of much needed supplies and wearing a face mask and disposable gloves there has been a few trips to the hospital to give out the donations. My work has stretched even further to support care homes, our local hospice and food banks.

You’re nuts…..!

My friends and family thought I was nuts! “Why you?” they said. “You run a full-time business, you undertake other roles in the community and you still make time to volunteer.” I have to say I have met some incredible people. People who have put their lives on the line in order to save or help others. People who have stepped outside of their own comfort zone to donate, to fundraise and to help make a difference. And collectively, we really have made a difference. Our journey continues for as long as this Covid-19 thing is on our radar – but even then, I can honestly say that the best rewards are seeing smiles on people’s faces when they open their box of goodies or to receive their homemade set of scrubs.

But for now, I turn my attentions back to agency life – and I still love that too!

Sue Sowerby

Spending ‘time’ in HMP High Down Prison

By Sue Sowerby

To say that I was excited to be invited to HMP High Down Prison by an old colleague is an understatement. I love new experiences, new challenges and the older I get, the more intrigued I become. But this one was different. Not for the fact that I relished meeting prisoners who were doing ‘time’ and paying the price, but just because I experienced something a few years ago – and this was part of my ‘recovery’. Over a four-day period, our ad agency was burgled. Our offices were ram-raided and the burglars stole everything – computers, studio materials – they even cut all the electrical wires! Why? What had we done to them? We were just a normal business with a lovely team and we were all trying to earn a living. Too much to mention, too sore to be reminded.

So on Thursday 19th October, my colleague Armen and I met in the visitors’ car park at High Down on the Banstead/Sutton, Surrey borders. I was security checked a few weeks before, so with passport in hand, I stood at the reception desk, looked up at the camera and was validated through the security system. Armen is a regular visitor at High Down so no introduction was needed. In fact he often visits The Clink Restaurant and entertains clients and media, and of course this is where we were intending to have lunch that day.

About 40 of us were checked in for lunch and we were given a briefing by one of the prison staff. “No knives, no scissors, no nail files, no keys, no mobile phone, no bags and….no bombs!” she said. Our possessions had to be tucked away in a locker until our return. On the day we arrived, there was a recruitment campaign being filmed. This piqued our interest because Armen and I have a very long history in recruitment and that’s how we first met.

After even more security checks, one door opens and another locks, and repeat. We were finally escorted through to The Clink Restaurant. The place was fully staffed by inmates. Drinks waiter, food waiter. cashier. Cashier? We were in a prison so how does that work? Armen told me that 50% of the bill is paid in advance and then the balance is paid on the day with a cheque. So effectively no money crosses hands in The Clink.

A very polite young man came to our table with pencil and pad in hand. He gives us a warm welcome. Drinks ordered. Time to look at the menu. What a selection! Pigeon, black pudding, smoked bacon and poached quails egg for Armen. Gorgonzola tart tatin, fennel slaw and candied walnuts for me. Hardly prison food and that was just for starters! The main menu was vast and equally tantalising.

We talked to our waiters. Of course they were on their best behaviour. They had to be. They needed to impress the diners, play by the rule book, smile, respond to questions and they did, In bucketfuls. ‘Our’ prisoners were smartly dressed, complete with long waiter’s apron, courteous, helpful and above all customer service was the order of the day! But what holds for them once they leave the restaurant, go back to the shouting, the swearing, the bullying and the constant noise. The noise of sound, disruption and mayhem. Do they seek sanctity in their own cell? Do they weep inwardly for fear of being ridiculed? So many questions you just don’t want to ask. For a few hours, these guys enter the world of normality, try to be the best that they can be because on the outside, they all hope to secure a job, make a new life for themselves, make people proud and prove they can change. Help is on hand at the prison. The guys receive training, career counselling and even the offer of work, so when they enter the outside world again (‘our’ drinks waiter comes out in March). I did not ask what he was in for. Perhaps I didn’t want to know. Perhaps it would have blurred my appreciation of his good manners and his efforts to serve and impress. Throughout the meal, my eyes welled up. Tears fell down my cheeks like an annoying dripping tap. Armen called me “soppy”. I am. I always will be.

On the drive home I cried buckets. Uncontrollable tears. I called my mum and told her about my day. Explaining everything through my sobs. What will become of ‘our’ waiters when they are released? Will they reoffend or will they really try and make something of their lives and put a life of crime behind them? Were they incessant drug dealers, burglars, muggers, murderers? We will never know, but I truly hope that they reform themselves and do well. In the visitors book I wrote “Thank you for fantastic customer service by two great lads. Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Let’s hope they don’t blow it.

Website now live for Nationwide Security

We’re pleased to announce that we have now gone live with a website design and build project for our client Nationwide Security which can be viewed here

The content management system used is WordPress with a bespoke design and customised back end to allow the client to update the site as/when required their end. Professional shots were used of the team to help bring the site to life, along with a little brand direction to showcase the services and sectors the company specialise within. A simple yet effective design allowed us to create a friendly, corporate feel to the website – showcasing the quality and professionalism Nationwide Security offer to their clients.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed working on this exciting project and look forward to the next!

Building a better future – with Telford Homes!

We just love it when a prospective client contacts the Sowerby agency after popping a few key words into Google. And that’s exactly how the Telford Homes’ Learning & Development team found The Sowerby Group.

Telford Homes, with offices in London and Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire were looking for a full service agency with an in-house design studio and experience within the fields of Human Resources, Recruitment, Property and Construction who could handle all their internal communications projects – from HR initiatives including Employee Engagement and Policies & Procedures through to Learning & Development training materials, and more.  This was a client we were really excited about.

When we arranged our first face-to-face meeting with the Telford Homes’ team, they were very clear about what they wanted from their new supplier – and we knew we would be part of a 4-way pitch against three other agencies. The chemistry also had to be right from the outset. We have to say it felt ‘right’. Our design team set to by producing some amazing ideas which the client loved – so much so that they immediately acknowledged the designs could run independently as well as complement the overall Telford Homes’ brand. And then it was a waiting game… Only a week, but it felt like two!

When we discovered that The Sowerby Group was the chosen agency who understood the Leadership Team’s vision, we were ecstatic! We really wanted this contract and we worked together to make sure that we came up with something special to blow them away!

What a wonderful win for team Sowerby. This communications business is full of surprises. When we are approached by a prospective client you can never be sure of the final outcome despite investing in numerous hours of team collaboration, research, design, copywriting, proposal design and lots more. After all, there are no second chances to go back and correct the documents after they have left the agency.  Suffice to say, we have a great future ahead of us as we partner the Telford Homes’ team to help achieve their own vision. We indeed look forward to building a strong future together.

An interview with Nicola by the CapitalSpace PR agency

The CapitalSpace PR agency were keen to find out more about Sowerby and the latest project ‘Herd About MK’ they were undertaking on behalf of the Milton Keynes Business Centre. Here’s what they asked our Director of Marketing, Nicola Wisbey.

What do you do for a living? How did you get started in your industry or field? What makes you different from your competition?

My name is Nicola Wisbey and I am Director of Marketing for The Sowerby Group Limited, a full service creative and digital agency based within the Harlow CapitalSpace premises. I have been with the company for 17 years and my role is extremely varied. I manage the internal teams as well as large client projects covering the entire marketing mix – design, print, digital, branding, large format print, events, marketing & pr, social media and more. The personal, one to one service we provide to each and every client (UK and internationally) is our biggest selling point. Yes we ‘wow’ our clients with our creativity too, but the dedication, loyalty and attention to detail we provide is enjoyed by every single Sowerby client. People buy into people – and we’re extremely proud of our team.

When did you move into CapitalSpace business accommodation? Why did you choose this CapitalSpace location? What facilities were important to you? (E.g. location, parking, fully serviced, connectivity, ability to scale up/down, meeting rooms, opportunity to market to other companies on the site, centre staff)

We moved into the Harlow Business Centre in May 2011. We were looking for an easy in/easy out facility, where we could move around and grow / decrease the team as the market dictates. Parking was extremely important as was the friendliness of the Centre team. We provide our customers with exceptional customer service, so it was extremely important for us to receive the kind of service back.

What has your experience been as a CapitalSpace customer?

The CapitalSpace team here in Harlow has been extremely polite, friendly and accommodating to our business. We have met lots of tenants on site and managed to ‘do business’ with our neighbours as well as the CapitalSpace team. Which is why we are working on the extremely exciting, Herd About MK campaign where we will be branding a life sized concrete cow for the Milton Keynes Business Centre to mark Milton Keynes’ 50th Anniversary. Not many creative agencies can say they have done that!

It’s a challenging project, which requires lots of research, creative brainstorming and exceptional attention to detail. We met with the Milton Keynes Business team to discuss the brief in detail and have put some creative concepts forward for consideration. The whole aim is to create awareness of the Business Centre which falls on the outskirts of the town itself as a business hub where businesses can really take off. Especially with the flexibility that the CapitalSpace brand offers to all types of business owners. We cannot give away too much at this stage, but we are certain this campaign will put the Milton Keynes Business Centre on the map! The cow will be placed in and around Milton Keynes at various locations throughout 2017 and will feature at parades, networking events and more. We’re not just creating a branded cow, but an entire campaign that will feature across all social media platforms, various marketing and other channels.

Latest Project: Branding a cow…

Today the team at Sowerby get to start on a very exciting project – the design and creative concepts for branding a life sized cow… Holy cow… yes, you herd that right! Sorry, excuse the pun!

This limited edition concrete cow will be branded, painted and decorated (amongst 49 others) on behalf of our client Capital Space who have business centres across the UK including one in Milton Keynes. This is to celebrate Milton Keynes 50th anniversary this year.

The Herd About MK initiative is set to be one of the biggest art projects Milton Keynes has seen; 50 life-sized cows, vibrantly decorated at different locations in MK! This presents lots of branding opportunities for our client who is a main sponsor amongst other organisations including: Red Bull, Taylor Wimpey, Rightmove, PwC, SMC, Santander and MirrorOutlet to name a few.

Nicola Wisbey, Project Manager here at Sowerby said “As a full service creative and digital agency, we never know what is coming into the agency next. And when we were asked to quote for this exciting project, we couldn’t help but get a little excited. We started with a kick off briefing meeting with the client and Herd About MK organisers last week in Milton Keynes, as not only is it good for us to discuss a creative brief in person, but it’s also important for us to see the set up, location of the premises, meet the team and fact find as much as possible. This is certainly a project that’s going to be challenging as the message / concept needs to be simple, yet impactive and creative as well as provide the strong message that our client wants to portray. The team are really excited about this project and we cannot wait to see the end result.”

OFFER ALERT – Phone Boxes

We have a fantastic Monday offer for phone box advertising (like the picture shown) across the country, available all in one town or spread across various locations. This offer covers any in-charge from Monday 16th January 2017 up until the end of October 2017, so bookings will need to be quick and are based on area availability.

Phone Boxes

20 + = £2,000
50+ = £3,500
100+ = £6,000

Print is included (1 design, all posters). Rates are based on a 2 week booking period and costs provided exclude VAT. Interested in this amazing offer? Contact Nicola on 01279 408 665 or email

Congratulations to Pav who celebrates 1 year working here at Sowerby

January 2017 is the start of a new year. It’s also the 1st anniversary for 1 Sowerby team member, our highly creative and talented designer, Pav. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary Pav. We looking forward to seeing what you’ll be creating this year for many Sowerby clients.

#design #creative #indesign #photoshop #imagination #creativity #inspiration

2016 saw us welcome new client, Firma Foreign Exchange

2016 saw The Sowerby team welcome new client Firma Foreign Exchange. Based in London and with a Head Office and Marketing Team operating from Canada, the London team were keen to find a UK supplier who could co-ordinate and deliver for all of their printing.

The Sowerby team are experts in print buying. Not only that, when we inherit creative artwork from clients and 3rd party suppliers, we always check and advise on any issues that we may see – sizing, colours, CMYK and more. With their Head Office overseas, we were instantly able to flag up the printing size variations and amend the artwork accordingly.

When it comes to printing, we only work with the very best. Digital, litho, promotional merchandise – we have preferred suppliers who have been tried and tested. Not just on delivery – but also quality and price!

For Firma Foreign Exchange we have so far delivered various business cards, Christmas cards, personalised envelopes and thermo flasks. We’re looking forward to the 2017 order book, where so far we are looking at supplying printed material for their events to include exhibition stand graphics, furniture, brochures, flyers and more.

We’re pleased to say we are keeping the team in the UK happy and of course Marketing in Canada too.

We don’t just serve the UK market, we’re operate globally.

Sowerby work on Radio Campaign for Essex County Council

Everyone knows that Sowerby is the place to go when it comes to recruitment marketing! And we were pleased to be given a radio campaign project for Essex County Council who are looking to attract a number of carers to join various companies within the county.

Running on Heart FM across 3 transmitters to attract people to open days in Basildon and Chelmsford, we’re giving our readers the chance to listen to the commercial:

Sowerby project managed the entire radio campaign for our client including negotiating and purchasing media space, through to working with Heart FM on relevant time slots, working with the creatives on scripts, music and voiceovers and finalising the end piece all within a tight timeframe and budget.

We’re really pleased with this campaign and it’s been a pleasure working with the Essex County Council team. We wish them the best of luck in finding their ideal candidates.

A day in the life of Kelsie

I started as a Sowerbabe back in March 2015. I heard about the job opportunity via the Harlow College apprentice website of becoming an Apprentice Account Handler and straight away, knew I would love this opportunity! I was currently under an apprenticeship scheme working for a nearby hotel and wasn’t totally happy but with this opportunity I could see a career outcome.

My day-to-day activities involve planning, negotiating and buying advertising space on behalf of a key Sowerby client – The British Heart Foundation for all of their Furniture and Electrical Stores. I liaise daily with different area managers across the UK to ensure we get the best deals in the form of print advertising. In addition, I work closely with the Sowerby studio to create artwork based on BHF’s corporate guidelines and work closely with BHF head office (marketing) to ensure correct styles have been used, trackable numbers have been allocated etc.

When I am not working on the British Heart Foundation account, I upload a range of job roles onto different job boards for a variety of clients including: World Vision UK, Lee Valley Park, Freedom from Torture and more. This includes job boards such as CharityJob, Reed, Guardianjobs etc.

As well as working full time, I also attend Harlow College on a Wednesday where I have been studying Business & ICT. College has been a great experience for me, as it has taught me further about the business industry. It was also a way of meeting new people and sharing experiences as an apprentice.

My apprenticeship actually ended in March 2016 and I was over the moon to have been offered a full time role here at Sowerby as an account handler!

I am looking forward to carrying on my journey within a creative and friendly agency, learning more skills to cover the diverse range of services the company has to offer. Every single person is a pleasure to work with, colleagues and clients, and I am excited to see what the future holds.

You work with us and we’ll work with you….

IMG_2875A combined regional radio, print, online and social media campaign paid off nicely at Ricoh’s UK Recruitment Open Day on Thursday 1st September which was held at Ricoh’s Head Office in Northampton. The client gave us a budget. We obliged!  They gave us a very strong message about their recruitment requirements – we listened and acted, and the best part of all was the fact our Client Relationship Director, Sue Sowerby was there to ensure all went without a hitch.

Sue said “With a range of positions with the IT Service Desk, Sales and Procurement teams, we were slightly anxious about the timing because it was held during a Bank holiday week. However we received 198 online applications and over 140 walk-ins on the day.” Sue added: “Being onsite with the client meant we could see first-hand how the event developed throughout the day. From a slow trickle of job seekers at around 8.30am to various spikes of visitors during peak times of the day, we were able to manage our client’s expectations who were able to spend valuable time with their candidates. After registration, we had a number of presentations from the Ricoh team to ensure that all our visitors had a real chance to understand the business. In addition, each was offered a Corporate tour of the high-tech building where they met with teams from Human Resources and Corporate Responsibility while also learning about the benefits, training and development opportunities within this blue chip organisation.”

Sue was also on hand for another reason; to find out how people got to know about the event. “There was a strong mixture of response via every media we used and in addition the Ricoh UK employees were excellent networking ambassadors as many came through referrals.” She added: “The day was such a huge success. Yes it was a tiring day (particularly wearing high heels!) but would I do it all over again, I certainly would – I would love to bottle the enthusiasm and gratitude from the client as well as the overwhelming comments from the candidates that I  ‘captured’ on their way out of the uber-impressive building. The whole day was a great success and if there is one word that sums up the Sowerby / Ricoh Client / Agency relationship – it has to be “phenomenal”. Great people make a great business and this was one great day!


We have moved…

We’re pleased to confirm that as from the 1st August 2016 you will find the Sowerby team settled within their new office at Suite 21, Greenway Business Centre. We’re all loving our new desks and surroundings and welcome visitors looking to discuss their next creative or digital project.

Could you be our next Graphic Designer?

A fantastic and rare opportunity has become available for a talented Graphic Designer to join our friendly team here in Harlow, Essex.

We’re looking for someone who not only possesses creative ability (to wow us and our clients), but someone who also has the passion, enthusiasm and determination to succeed in producing award winning work. What we’re saying is that your portfolio must be impressive.

Typical projects you will work on include; artwork/typesetting of press advertisements (which require a speedy turnaround), online banners and buttons, stationery, brand identity/logo designs, posters, flyers, exhibition stands, newsletters, brochures, promotional items and much more.

Previous experience (ideally gained within an agency) is key and digital/social media experience is highly desirable. You must be fully competent in the usual software including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Excel etc.

We’re a full service agency so we’re looking for a full service designer. Someone who can hit the ground running and deliver from the start. Not everyday is the same – we never know what project is coming in next and how quick it is needed.

Attention to detail comes natural to this agency so we’re looking for someone who takes pride in their typography, choice of colours, adherence to corporate guidelines and anything else required to create a masterpiece.

This is a Monday – Friday position, 9am to 5.30pm, however flexibility based on workload and deadlines is required.

Have you got what it takes to be our next creative?

Do you want to work with a company that truly values its staff?

If so, in the first instance, please email a copy of your CV and portfolio indicating your salary expectations to Nicola Wisbey, Director of Marketing on


TNT Cleaning website and rebrand goes live…

We’re pleased to confirm that a website design & build project we have been working on for some time has finally gone live – check it out –

In addition to the lovely new rebrand our team have worked hard on, we developed this responsive website over the past few months within a content management system which is easy for the client to update with all their latest news, services, team members and more.

TNT cleaning continue to grown from strength to strength and the Managing Director wanted their brand to represent this. Professional, established, reliable, clean and crisp. It’s certainly different to what they had and we’re pleased to see the brand already in situ on their company vans!

Website for Arena Red goes live…

We’re pleased to announce that a website we have designed and built ( responsive and CMS ) for a new client Arena Red, a Premier Sports Consultancy providing revenue generating strategies and solutions to sporting organisations and sponsorship right holders, has now gone live!

Take a look at

Welcome baby Prowse

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of a new Sowerbabe – India Rose Prowse who was born on Wednesday 3rd June 2015 at 4 am weighing a healthy 8lb 5oz.

Congratulations to Katie and Mark.

We’ve found our apprentice!

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of our new and first ever apprentice, Kelsie Chalkey. Kelsie will join us on Monday 2nd March 2015 where she will begin her career within the communications industry.

Kelsie will join as a trainee account handler, working with the team and clients mainly on the advertising function where she will train to plan, negotiate and buy advertising space (online and offline), liaise with clients on their requirement, brief the creative team, provide excellent customer service, deal with lineage requests, meet and greet visitors, research and much more.

Kelsie will also attend Harlow College (our training provider for this apprenticeship scheme) one day a week to continue with her studies in business.

We’re thrilled to welcome Kelsie to the Sowerby team – we truly believe in giving a kid a chance and this is our opportunity to support the younger generation.