A day in the life of Kelsie


I started as a Sowerbabe back in March 2015. I heard about the job opportunity via the Harlow College apprentice website of becoming an Apprentice Account Handler and straight away, knew I would love this opportunity! I was currently under an apprenticeship scheme working for a nearby hotel and wasn’t totally happy but with this opportunity I could see a career outcome.

My day-to-day activities involve planning, negotiating and buying advertising space on behalf of a key Sowerby client – The British Heart Foundation for all of their Furniture and Electrical Stores. I liaise daily with different area managers across the UK to ensure we get the best deals in the form of print advertising. In addition, I work closely with the Sowerby studio to create artwork based on BHF’s corporate guidelines and work closely with BHF head office (marketing) to ensure correct styles have been used, trackable numbers have been allocated etc.

When I am not working on the British Heart Foundation account, I upload a range of job roles onto different job boards for a variety of clients including: World Vision UK, Lee Valley Park, Freedom from Torture and more. This includes job boards such as CharityJob, Reed, Guardianjobs etc.

As well as working full time, I also attend Harlow College on a Wednesday where I have been studying Business & ICT. College has been a great experience for me, as it has taught me further about the business industry. It was also a way of meeting new people and sharing experiences as an apprentice.

My apprenticeship actually ended in March 2016 and I was over the moon to have been offered a full time role here at Sowerby as an account handler!

I am looking forward to carrying on my journey within a creative and friendly agency, learning more skills to cover the diverse range of services the company has to offer. Every single person is a pleasure to work with, colleagues and clients, and I am excited to see what the future holds.